6 Tips for Choosing the Location of Your Home

Deciding the area in which you want to purchase your home can be difficult whether this is your very first home purchase, or you’ve done it a few times. Choosing a location is so tough because often times it can make or break the property value, charm and appeal. Location seems like an overwhelming task when it comes to real estate, but a realtor can not only show you homes in areas you like, but also help advise you on areas you might not initially think of but would be a good fit. If you are in the early stages of the home buying process, and you are trying to narrow down a location, take these six easy tips into consideration! 1.  Price Of course, price is one of the first things to determine when it comes to buying a home. How much can you afford or how much are you willing to stretch to get your dream home? Once you’ve worked out price, it’s already easier to narrow down location. If you are a new family, looking for a relatively inexpensive home, your choices will

5 Best Breakfast Spots in South Orange County

Most people think that big breakfasts and brunches are only reserved for the weekends, but that’s far from the truth! In South Orange County you can find an elaborate breakfast meal any day of the week! Whether you’re looking for just a simple place to get coffee, or a sit-down meal with the full eggs, bacon and hashbrowns, there is a restaurant for everyone! Although it’s hard to narrow our favorite breakfast places down to just a few, here are the restaurants that serve up some killer meals! Antoine’s Cafe A favorite breakfast spot in San Clemente for over 25 years, Antoine’s Cafe serves breakfast from 6:30 in the morning all the way until three o’clock in the afternoon. This restaurant was voted for having the best breakfast in San Clemente in 2015. One of our favorite breakfast items is most certainly the breakfast tacos that are packed with all sorts of yummy foods. You can also get lunch here as well! Antoine’s even offers cooking classes, so you can learn to whip

7 OC Food Spots To Try Now

Although we’ve previously led you on a dining guide for South Orange County, there are so many more great food spots to try! If you’ve already hit up the best places from our previous list, here’s a few more to visit soon! These fantastic eateries have some of the most decadent, instagram-worthy food you’ve ever seen! With a mix of fancy sit-down restaurants, and great lunch stops in between breaks, there’s something for everyone! Although you’ll most likely be in a food coma after eating at each one of these places, it’s definitely worth it. 1. Shuck Oyster Bar If you consider yourself a seafood connoisseur then you can’t miss the chance at diving into a dish at Shuck Oyster Bar! The seafood at this relaxing restaurant is delivered fresh daily from over 60 different farms to ensure the best quality! 2. Pizza Press Forget about picking certain toppings off your pizza! At Pizza Press in the Orange Circle you are able to customize your own personal pizza all

A Guide to Downtown San Clemente

Downtown San Clemente is quaint and charming, which is why so many residents love living there, and so many visitors choose to make frequent visits. The main street is filled with everything you can possibly want in a small town- great shops, yummy food, fun bars and an endless number of activities, events and shows! Check out our simplified guide to all things downtown in San Clemente! Places to Shop Cove- In need of some great home decor for your home by the beach? Cove offers a variety of great kitchen, living room and bedroom furniture and accessories. Your home will be looking fabulous in no time! Boutique del Mar- This shop is certainly for the fashionable ladies. Boutique del Mar is the place to go if you’re in need of a great outfit for a picnic, night out or even day-to-day basics. Melrose in the OC- As one of the best places to shop for younger women or teen girls, Melrose in the OC has a variety of “on trend” clothes to keep you looking stylish at all times.