4 Important Repairs to Do After Moving Out

4 Important Repairs to Do After Moving Out

4 Important Home Repairs, Congrats to you. You are moving out and on to your next house! Now all you have to do is pack up your items and leave.

Not so fast; If you are still trying to sell your current home, you will want to make sure it looks its best, which means you may have to make a few repairs. And there is no better time to do this than after you have removed all your boxes and furnishings, since this means you have plenty of space to get the job done right, and with a small mess.

If you have  already sold your home, you are off the hook. If you haven’t sold your home yet, it will behoove you to do these four upgrades after moving out. But don’t worry, they are fairly easy, and they will make a big difference helping you find a buyer who will pay top dollar.

4 Important Home Repairs

1. Patch up holes in walls

Seeing walls with holes is an immediate turnoff to potential home buyers. But you do not have to repaint your entire house to have your house looking fresh again. A little spackle, followed by painting spots will do the trick. If you do not have any leftover paint, peel a small size piece from the wall and bring it to the paint store so they could match the color for you. If you have just a few holes and scratches, you could fill them with spackling compound, which is sold in tiny quantifrecities. For a larger number of gashes or holes, use a joint compound, which is sold in quarts or five gallon buckets.

2. Fresh coat of paint to rooms that are outdated or painted in strange colors

Love that plum paint color you decided for your master bedroom? Home buyers may not! The good news is that painting a room is an easy project you could do yourself. But choosing the right hue is crucial.

3. Replace the old outlet wall plates

This one is another quick and budget friendly way to make a home feel cleaner and updated. Proceed with caution though. The old wall plates could be a fire hazard if they are cracked or damaged in any way. If you suspect there is an issue, you should hire an electrician to replace the wall plates for you.

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4. Clean the carpet

Dirty and spotty carpets are huge eyesores. We recommend that homeowners give their home’s carpeting a good cleaning after moving out. You could amp up your vacuum with rug cleaning products such as powders and liquid shampoos available at grocery and hardware stores. For stained places, use a bristle brush to work the cleaning solution into the carpet before allowing it to dry and then vacuum it up. These are the 4 Important Home Repairs To Do After Moving Out

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