4 Indoor DIY Projects to Do While It’s Cold Outside

4 Indoor DIY Projects to Do While It’s Cold Outside

Looking for a few indoor DIY projects to work on over the next few months? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

DIY Project #1: Liven Up a Room with New Paint

Paint is arguably the best bang for your buck when it comes to improving the look and feel of a new room. There are a few reasons why we say that.

First, painting gives you an opportunity to cover up some of the marks and holes that have accumulated over the years. Sometimes we accidentally scuff the wall when moving furniture or we hang a picture someplace then later decide to leave the space empty, leaving a few holes. Painting is a good time to fix those.

Second, you can choose a paint color to give the room the type of feel you want. Are you looking for a very fresh, modern feel? Pick a bright white. Want it to be more subdued? Look for something like a green or blue. Looking for an upbeat, refreshing type of color? Consider a shade of yellow.

Third – you can do it quickly. You can paint most rooms in your house in a few hours!

DIY Project #2: Hang a Few Pictures or Shelves

Sometimes it’s nice to have blank space on our walls. If we fill our walls with too many things, it gets cluttered and can (sometimes unconsciously) make us feel a little anxious and crowded.

But having at least one wall with some artwork or shelves is a good thing. Most rooms can even have 2-3 walls with stuff on them without making the room feel too crowded.

This time of year is great for finally “getting around to” hanging up those things you’ve been thinking about. Maybe you moved a year or two ago and still have stuff in boxes. Or maybe your kid or spouse has been asking if you can hang something up.

Whether you go with something flat (like pictures or paintings) or a shelf, just make sure it fits with the overall look and feel of the room.

DIY Project #3: Replace Your Bathroom Sink Faucets

How old is your home? Do you have the original bathroom faucets, meaning they’re several decades old?

In that case, maybe it’s time to replace them. Faucets can get pretty nasty over time, even if you try to clean them regularly.

The good news is replacing faucets isn’t too difficult. The first one may take some time to figure out, but by the time you’re doing the second or third one, you’ll feel like a pro and be done much faster.

Even better – you’ll save yourself a lot of money by not hiring a plumber to do it.

Indoor DIY Project #4: Do Some Pre-Spring Cleaning

“Spring cleaning” exists because that time of year inspires us to get more active. The question is, why wait? When it’s cold outside, that’s a perfect time to get in some much-needed cleaning around the home.

  • Vacuum and wash your carpets
  • Swiffer and sanitize your hardwood floors and tiles
  • Dust the fans
  • Vacuum out your clothes dryer vent
  • Clean the bath tubs and showers (including the drains)

No, this isn’t really DIY in the same sense as the other projects. But you are doing it yourself, and you are improving your quality of living!


Have fun with these indoor DIY projects this winter. And remember to keep us in mind as you prepare to buy your next home this year! Just give us a call at 949-392-6400.