4 Upgrades That Baby Boomers Love and Will Add Value
Baby Boomers

4 Upgrades That Baby Boomers Love and Will Add Value

America’s baby boomer population is about seventy four million. They are the largest generation to retire. Until now, baby boomers are changing just about everything in their path, including the real estate, and design industries.

The individuals of the “me” generation know specifically what they want for their forever homes when it comes to home upgrades and amenities. This is important to home builders and sellers looking to attract the country’s widest audience.

To pinpoint the specific home upgrades that boomers want, we have broken down why these features are appealing and how they can add value to the home.

An open floor plan

Both boomers and millennials see the value in an open floor plan and unfettered space. An open layout could be great for everything from entertaining friends to letting the grandkids run wild. Baby boomers are giving up fancy living spaces and are choosing a more versatile and open concept floor plan. A great room is a good example. The two most popular spaces (the kitchen and living areas) are connected. These have become the hub of the home. Baby boomers are attracted to the idea of open floor plans because they want safety and flexibility. The open floor plan will let older individuals customize their rooms as they age in place.

A remodeled kitchen

Whether they are purchasing a new house or remodeling their own home, most baby boomers appeal to the idea of entertaining in the kitchen while they are surrounded by friends and family. As more baby boomers decide to age in place, function will continue to be a huge factor in the way the home is built. The kitchen is usually an area they are focused on. They typically have a preference for bigger windows, open kitchen layouts and renovated counter tops made of natural stone or quartz. Baby boomers are seeking a home that is well-designed and matches their lifestyle. They want to incorporate features such as a hands-free faucet, lower cabinets and pull-out pantries for extra storage.

Smart technology at your fingertips

Technology upgrades usually make it easier to live independently as people age. Smart technology such as heat and air conditioning, a security system, and a motion sensor light switch and faucet are the most popular among baby boomers.

Regardless of what age you are, technology has dominated every aspect of our lives. There are some boomers who install technology devices and services and create a smart home now to most likely eliminate the need and cost for in home care in the future.

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Spa-like bathrooms 

There is a certain point in your life, where just want to relax and slow down, relax in your bathroom. Baby boomers want their bathroom to be similar to a spa to unwind at the end of a long day. Bathrooms are one of the top amenities we see boomers upgrading in their Home. Bath tubs that are free standing, smart toilets that have integrated bidets, large showers with built-in seating, and steam showers are all popular bathroom upgrades they choose to purchase. Alternative popular features include remote options to fill the bath tub and adjust the water temperature or statement lighting fixtures such as chandeliers.

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