5 Simple Home Staging Tips

5 Simple Home Staging Tips

Home staging can really help you sell your home for more. Here are a few home staging tips and tricks to sell your home fast.

If you’ve been wondering whether putting in the time and money to stage your home for sale is worth it, we’re here to let you know the answer is a resounding yes. Almost all top real estate agents agree staging is beneficial, with over 67% of agents saying staging increases the sale price of a home. Home staging is fairly affordable, with 50% of sellers spending less than saltwater$1,000 for staging, but the return on investment is significant. Research has shown the average sale price of a property can be increased by 1-5% simply because home staging tips were implemented before the house hit the market. Now that you’re convinced of the necessity of staging a home, here are five easy staging tips with a great ROI.

The Right Paint

An easy and affordable staging technique is repainting the house’s interior in neutral colors. According to a survey of over nine hundred top real estate agents, the most popular paint colors for selling your home are:

These colors all tend toward a “greige”, but it’s not the only color suggested to increase buyer interest and offers. A Zillow 2018 Paint Color Analysis found that homes with greige (or light taupe) living rooms, or light blue or blue-gray bathrooms sell for over $2,500 more than others in their market. 

If considering painting the exterior, just repainting the front door can give a great ROI. One report found homes with charcoal, smoky-black or jet-black front doors sell for a $6,271 premium. At around $70 a can for paint, this update for staging doesn’t cost much, but can give a significant boost to your home’s appeal.

A Good Cleaning

A home’s cleanliness, both the outside and in, is immensely important to buyers. The vast majority of real estate agents agree increasing curb appeal is the number one way to improve a home’s marketability. For the best impression rake the yard, clear out the gutter, and replace the numbers on your home’s exterior, if necessary. It also helps to add bright plants and fresh mulch. 

91% of real estate agents recommend deep cleaning a home’s interior before selling. Realtor’s consider this the first step in creating an inviting space for buyers. No one wants to come across a dust mound or stray hairs when imagining themselves in the home of their dreams. 

If you’re still living in the house while it’s being shown, try to avoid creating strong odors from cooking. Clean out your garbage disposal with lemon rinds and salt water, and pause cooking fish and garlic for a time. Keep the home full of fresh air and choose neutral pleasing scents such as lavender or lemon.

Clear Out Spaces

A huge concern for many buyers is space. They want a home that can fit their things and their lifestyle. To increase the appeal of your home, it’s suggested to pack up 30% of a room. Put away knick-knacks and small pieces of furniture. Emphasize the best features of rooms with a few focal points, but always stick to the principle of less being more.

It also helps to empty half of your closets to give the buyer the best impression of the home’s storage. Allow for half an inch between hanging clothes, and put away miscellany in opaque storage boxes. When it comes to the kitchen, 97% of top agents urge sellers to de-clutter their countertops as it creates the illusion of more space.

Remove Personal Items

Most know unique personal items such as family photos and memorabilia should be removed for showings. This is so the buyers can better envision themselves in the home, but photos are not the only personal objects that should be omitted when staging your home. Signs of pets and bulky children’s toys such as swing sets or playhouses should also be removed. Your goal as a seller is to make a home feel welcoming but not geared toward any particular demographic. If a buyer has children or pets, don’t worry, they’ll be able to imagine how they will use the space if the layout is well-staged.

Inviting Touches

It’s important to have a home feel clean and airy by clearing out items, but you don’t want the home to feel sterile. There are a few touches that can help your home feel the right amount of lived-in. Set the table or counter with nice settings to show buyers what it would be like to live in the space. Include a few items to add some charm, such as a cookie jar in the kitchen and fancy soaps in the bathroom. Many realtors also say it helps to have some accent colors to boost mood. Integrate brighter colors in art objects, pillows, throws, and other more portable items. 

We Can Help

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