5 Things You Need at Home to Get the Party Started This Summer

5 Things You Need at Home to Get the Party Started This Summer

Longer days usually mean stretched out evenings filled with backyard barbecues and family reunions. And to pull off these fabulous parties, you need to bring your “A” game. So why should you not not go all out? Colorful tables, nicely made service items and upgraded home decor can set the scene and add to the fun.

But here is the thing: Throwing a party does not have to clean you out. Dollar stores are a great source for summer entertaining and decor swaps. You could even repurpose a few items from around the house for the cause. To assist you with getting started, we have polled the pros for their best ideas for budget entertaining.

1. Decorative melamine plates

If you like to follow the current trends, we have been inspired by the Amalfi coast this season, including Italian melamine and takes from nature. Lightweight and very indestructible, melamine is a white crystalline compound that is a budget-friendly pick for outdoor entertaining.

2. Paper goods for the table

Floating paper lanterns that are strung over your deck or backyard are both cheap and easy to arrange. You can continue the paper theme with butcher paper on your table instead of a cloth. These rolls are priced very little and offer a rustic look. Children and adults alike will love doodling during the meal and you could draw on place mats to indicate each seat. 

3. Wheelbarrow as the ice bucket

A cheap DIY drink holder or planter is lurking in your garage. You can give your trusty wheelbarrow a spin over to your back deck and fill it with colorful annuals or ice for beverages at your next gathering. Potting sinks,or kid pools are other nice ways to keep drinks cool during a party. You can place a bottle of wine in a scooped-out watermelon filled with ice. Serve the fruit and compost the rind for a nice waste-free option.

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4. Acrylic cups

Upgrade your alfresco dining with serving platters and drinkware in shades of yellow and lime. This almost unbreakable material is safe near a pool, yet luxurious enough for adult beverages. Acrylic goblets are also less wasteful than paper cups because they are reusable. But the key to saving here is to not snap up all adorable designs you see. You will end up wasting money and cabinet storage space because this material is not suitable for daily use. Acrylic should not go in the microwave and it sustains damage over time in the dishwasher. Use those random Mason jars inside your cupboard.

5. Lazy Susans

We love a table with a built-in Lazy Susan. It is a must-have in hot weather. But if you are not ready to shell out for a new table, you could simply bring out this spinner from your pantry. You can make a simple centerpiece for your Lazy Susan by plucking herbs from the garden and popping them into short juice glasses.

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