5 Things You Need to Know Before Selling Your Home

Selling a home can be a stressful process because there’s a lot of different things to keep in mind before it actually happens. Some of the steps are pretty obvious while others are easy to forget. Some realtors might have a good eye for these small strategies and tips to help sell a home, but others might just be focused on the bigger elements of selling a house and will assume you can take care of the rest.

It’s often the small things that can help a home sell faster, so keep these five tips in mind before selling your home.

1) Try to target your house towards millennials. Many millennials are homebuyers and are actively looking at websites and apps trying to find homes. Do your best to appeal to this demographic by using social media to advertise your listing, accentuate your home’s smart technology, taking steps to make your house more eco-friendly, and making smart upgrades to promote energy efficiency. You don’t have to break the bank here, as even some cheaper upgrades can set your home apart from the pack to millennial buyers.

2) Try to make your home ready to move in before selling. Make the big repairs, but also take care of the small ones, such as fixing faucets and cleaning out gutters. Houses that are ready to move in will attract more buyers since many people are trying to make an immediate move into a new home. A pre-inspection can give you a good idea about what to fix and also gives buyers confidence in the potential new home.

3) Make sure to get good quality photos. You might try to snap photos yourself in order to save money, but a good photographer can make your listing stand out and sell even faster. A good photographer will know how to show off your home and be able to highlight some of its best features that will attract people to come and see the house for themselves.

4) Always be ready for open houses. Make sure your cabinets are clean of any personal items, such as medications, that could be stolen. Keep the house nice and tidy and organize your closets so people can get a good feel for the storage space. Of course, be sure to hide anything of value and put away any family photos or personal items. A house that’s too personal might make it hard for potential buyers to envision their family living in it.

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5) Make sure to clean up any items you have that are for your pet. Some buyers are not interested in pets and having toys in the house can kill a potential sale. Make sure to clean your yard if you have a dog and take the time to get rid of any odors from animals before people come to visit. Vacuum all furniture to clean up animal hair and pick up any leashes or toys before someone comes to look at the home.

Keep these five tips in mind as you are selling your house. Some of them might seem pretty obvious, but they can become lost in the shuffle and possibly hurt the chances of you making a quick sale for the right price. Plus getting these steps out of the way early gives you more time to focus on the bigger aspects of selling a home.

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