5 Ways to Update Your Master Bathroom

5 Ways to Update Your Master Bathroom

Are you looking for a few tips on what and how you can update your master bathroom? Here are a few ideas to consider from floor to ceiling.

Update the Master Bathroom Countertops

The first thing you may want to consider updating is your countertops. Even though styles don’t change quickly, there are always new trends appearing in the market. If you countertops are more than 10-15 years old, there’s a good chance they’re out of style!

As you pick out your countertops, weigh the pros and cons. For example, granite countertops look nice but it’s hard to tell when they’re dirty. Of course, some people see that as a good thing!

Improve the Master Bathroom Floor

What kind of floor does your master bathroom have? If it’s not something you’re happy with, change it. For example, maybe your master bathroom has carpet which weirds you out. It could be a good time to rip out that old carpet and replace it with something a bit more moisture-resistant, such as a vinyl.

Or maybe you already have vinyl and have decided to move onto something else, such as a rigid engineered wood floor. The good news is you can often get something that looks a certain way (such as vinyl tiles or a laminate that look like hardwood flooring) without the downside of the “real stuff.”

While your countertops are important, some argue that your floor is what makes or breaks the bathroom. If you agree, put this at the top of your priority list. 

Paint Your Master Bathroom

Painting any room of the house is the cheapest, fastest way to give it a facelift. Yes, you need to invest a little elbow grease. But the payoff is worth it, because you will have saved yourself a lot of money and have a better-looking room in just a few hours. 

Everyone has different tastes, so we can’t recommend a fix-all that works for everyone. That said, going with a light color is usually a good bet. We also recommend sticking with your whites, grays, or maybe blues. These colors are generally soft and easy to enjoy, unlike a “loud” color such as a bright yellow. 

Give the Master Bath a Facelift with New Lighting

Is your bathroom lighting older than you are? Sometimes it’s crazy to see what used to be “in.” For example, maybe you have lights over your bathroom mirror that make you feel like you’re in a Hollywood dressing room from 50 years ago.

Hop on a site like Pinterest to see what’s popular right now. There are tons of different types and styles, so don’t feel like you need to go with the style that pops up the most often. Pick what you like and something that works for your bathroom. 

Get a New Shower

Do you like your shower? Some showers are great – you have tons of room, the showerhead makes you feel like you’re at a fancy hotel, and you feel comfortable in there. 

Maybe that’s not how you feel at all. If it’s an old shower, the showerhead may be very low. Perhaps you’d like a little more room, rather than just having a tiny square to stand in. 

Getting a new shower may be a good investment. Most people take a shower every day, so everyone can appreciate a nice, new shower that makes you feel like royalty. 


Updating the master bathroom is great from both ROI and self-love perspectives. Everyone wants to get ready in a nice bathroom they enjoy. Make it happen! And if you have any questions about home ownership or buying a home, give us a call at 949-392-6400. We’d love to help.