6 Healthy Lunch Spots in South Orange County

6 Healthy Lunch Spots in South Orange County

Still trying to maintain your Summer body through the Fall season? It’s not hard to do in Orange County where there are so many food choices and restaurants. Even though it may seem like grabbing fast food on a short lunch break is the easiest option, South Orange County actually has some great healthy spots for lunch! Whether you’re in a rush or you have a few minutes to sit down, here are a few of our favorite places!

1. Luna Grill

Finally it’s fresh! Luna Grill answers all of our prayers for fresh and tasty mediterranean food straight from the grill. Luna Grill, located in Dana Point, offers mediterranean wraps, salads, shareable dishes and more! Grabbing a chicken wrap on our lunch break is our favorite because not only is it quick and easy, but it’s healthy and delicious too!

2. Wow Poki

If you are a fan of fish, a smart lunch choice is poki! Poki is easy, quick and lately very popular throughout the OC. The poki places that have been opening recently allow you to “make it yourself” like a Subway. This poki spot in San Juan Capistrano serves up fresh fish and allows customers to add or combine whichever toppings, mix ins or sauces they like! Wow Poki is a great place to stop if you just want to grab something to bring back to the office.

3. Organic Tree Juice Bar

If you don’t need a full meal, but maybe just a little pick-me-up, the Organic Tree Juice Bar in Dana Point is a great place to stop. Their motto is “Raw. Organic. Sustainable.” Picking up a juice from here for a midday snack is a great way to curb unhealthy cravings and satisfy your needs.

4. Active Culture

Adding to the list as one of our favorite lunch spots in San Clemente, Active Culture is a natural foods cafe that serves tasty dishes packed with great nutrients. Don’t let the name or natural foods part fool you- it’s easy to fill up quick on one of the many large dishes at Active Culture! One of our personal favorite menu items is the Evolution Bowl served with brown rice, quinoa, lentils and more!

5. Cafe Mint

Didn’t get your Mediterranean fix quite yet? Cafe Mint in San Clemente is popular for their delicious chicken shawarma wraps and fantastic customer service! Other commonly ordered menu items include the hummus plates and lamb platters. Cafe Mint is a great lunch stop with coworkers or friends!

6. Nektar Juice Bar

Trying to cut down on the big lunches? Try an acai bowl for a midday, light treat! These blended fruit bowls are topped with granola and more fresh fruit to treat your taste buds to a healthy lunch! Don’t let the fruit part fool you, these bowls will be more than enough to fill you up!

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