7 OC Food Spots To Try Now

7 OC Food Spots To Try Now

Although we’ve previously led you on a dining guide for South Orange County, there are so many more great food spots to try! If you’ve already hit up the best places from our previous list, here’s a few more to visit soon! These fantastic eateries have some of the most decadent, instagram-worthy food you’ve ever seen! With a mix of fancy sit-down restaurants, and great lunch stops in between breaks, there’s something for everyone! Although you’ll most likely be in a food coma after eating at each one of these places, it’s definitely worth it.

1. Shuck Oyster Bar

If you consider yourself a seafood connoisseur then you can’t miss the chance at diving into a dish at Shuck Oyster Bar! The seafood at this relaxing restaurant is delivered fresh daily from over 60 different farms to ensure the best quality!

2. Pizza Press

Forget about picking certain toppings off your pizza! At Pizza Press in the Orange Circle you are able to customize your own personal pizza all the way from the crust to the sauces on top!

3. Three Seventy Common

Whether you’re looking for a light appetizer or some hefty comfort food, Three Seventy Common has it all! Nestled in the heart of Laguna Beach, this restaurant is a popular dinner spot among locals.

4. Wursthaus

If you are planning on heading to Wursthaus for dinner, it’s best to try and eat as little as possible throughout the day because you’ll need the room in your stomach! This restaurant serves an array of bratwurst entrees, deathly fries and the best beers in town!

5. Din Tai Fung

Serving up the best dumplings in the area, Din Tai Fung is a newer restaurant in Orange County, located near South Coast Plaza. Customers can see the dumplings being handmade so everything is as fresh as it can be!

6. Jazz Kitchen

Located in downtown Disney, the Jazz Kitchen is a great place to take the whole family for a fun dinner! The menu is extensive and mimics New Orleans style cuisine. The Jazz Kitchen brings a unique taste to the Orange County food scene. There is also live music at the Jazz Kitchen to make the experience even more authentic!

7. PokeDot

Looking for something a little more low key that you can visit on your lunch break at work? PokeDot is the perfect lunch stop because it’s quick, easy and delicious! Build your own poke bowl by picking the base, types of fish and toppings you want!

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