Do DIY Projects So You Can Learn New Things
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Do DIY Projects So You Can Learn New Things

Do DIY Projects So You Can Learn New Things

When you own your home there are always things to be done. There are maintenance tasks like mowing the grass, shoveling snow, or cleaning out the gutters. We also have home improvement tasks like replacing your countertops or painting a room. 

Where it’s possible, we recommend doing home improvement projects yourself instead of hiring a contractor. Here are a few reasons why. 

Learning new things is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It helps us feel good because it lets us exercise our brains in a new, fresh way. 

Doing a project yourself – especially one you’ve never done before – gives you a chance to learn new things. 

  • Maybe you’re learning how to repair something, like a broken baluster on your stairs. 
  • Perhaps you learn how to build something, like a playground for your kids.

There are all kinds of things you can learn, but you can’t just learn these things from reading a book. You have to get your hands dirty. 

Do Home Projects Yourself for a Sense of Accomplishment

We feel proud of ourselves when we finish things. When we were little kids, it could’ve something like a craft we made for our grandparents. As a teenager, maybe it was doing very well in a sport. After college, it was getting your first “real job.” 

Giving yourself an opportunity to be proud of your handiwork is always a good thing. Yes, it takes a time investment. But the payoff at the end is worth it! You’ll always be able to look at that DIY home improvement project and say “I did that.”

Do Home Improvement Projects Yourself to Save Money

This reason alone is why most people do projects themselves. Contractors can be expensive, so sometimes it just makes sense for us to do something ourselves. 

For example, let’s say you were thinking of getting a custom-built desk for your office. You have 2 options:

  • Hire a carpenter or handyman and likely pay thousands of dollars
  • Get a few bookshelves that are the same size, some wood from Home Depot, paint them, and attach the wood to the shelves. 

Yes, the first one will get you a fancier, unique desk. But it will also cost you thousands of dollars more than what you could build yourself. 

Do Home Improvement Projects to Spend Time with Friends or Family

Working on a project yourself opens up a door to spend time with a loved one. Maybe you’re building a playground for the kids, but the kit requires two people. You can ask one of the grandpas or a good family friend to come help. This gives you an excuse to spend time with them. 

Home Improvement Projects Give a Way for People to Bless You

We like to help other people, right? While it can be tempting to get caught up in our own lives, it helps us feel good to help our friends and family. 

If you do projects yourself and enlist some help, it gives your friend or family member a way to help you and feels good. 

Will all people want to take you up on it? No – but a lot will. 


There you have it, a few reasons why you should do projects yourself instead of hiring a contractor. And when you’re ready to sell your home and move to your next dream home, give us a call at 949-392-6400. We’d love to help!