A Fun Family Saturday in San Clemente

A Fun Family Saturday in San Clemente

A splash of sun warms your face. You stretch, pull off the covers, and step outside on the patio of your San Clemente home to feel the weather. A cool breeze calls to you. You are new to the area, and decide that there is no better day to get outside and explore what San Clemente has to offer.

Armed with swimsuits, sunblock, sneakers and sunhats, the whole family heads out in the direction of the beach.

  • First stop, Ellie’s Table North Beach for a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, coffee, breakfast sandwiches (made with fresh breads), and your choice of homemade pastries.  Your family gets a table outside to soak in the sights and sounds of the beach. After a satisfying and sweet breakfast, you decide to walk off your tasty meal on a hiking trail.


  • With so many trails to choose from within San Clemente and the surrounding area, you decide to keep it low key, and head south along the San Clemente beach trail to take in the breathtaking ocean views. For the older kids, you login to an online scavenger hunt through Puzzling Adventures. The kids have a great time searching for specific items along the way, and (they don’t know it, but) they are also learning fun facts about San Clemente.


  • You decide to take a break from your scavenger hunt to take a self-guided tour through the Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens.  This well-preserved gem offers a slice of San Clemente history. Once owned by the founding family of San Clemente, the stunning Spanish architecture, staggering vistas, and 2.5 acres of well-maintained gardens make this location a crowd favorite. You decide to grab a light lunch at the cafe and relax in the shade of this gorgeous home.


  • You’ve got room for a little dessert, and you pass by a juice bar offering several varieties of fresh-pressed juices, plus a shot of protein and wheat grass… but then Blackbird Artisan Pie captures your curiosity. Apparently it’s time for a pie break! Who doesn’t love a flaky crust? Iced coffee and a personal-sized home-made hand pie satisfy a craving you didn’t know you had.  


  • After your relatively slow-paced morning, it’s time for a bit of real adventure! You have set up a private family lesson with one of the many surfing schools for beginners for the late afternoon. You spend 2 hours out on the water catching waves and creating memories. The kids have a blast and don’t want to leave the water!  


  • As you trade stories about the waves you’ve conquered, you realize no one wants to cook dinner. Everyone agrees on getting some fresh, authentic seafood tacos at La Siesta, a local Mexican restaurant founded in 1956 and still operated by the original owner’s children. You’re looking for a hearty meal in a casual, family-friendly setting, and this place does not disappoint. After a delicious and satisfying dinner, it’s time to head home.


The kids will sleep well tonight. And when you lay your head on the pillow, you can’t help but smile. It’s been a good day.


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