Here Are 8 Secrets for Selling Your Home

Here Are 8 Secrets for Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be a difficult and long process if you do not do it carefully. It can also be pretty stressful if you have no prior experience selling a house.

However, there are several tips and tricks you can keep in mind as you go through the selling process. Keep these secrets in mind as you go through the home selling process.

Price It Right: Be sure to research your home’s value and then accurately price what you have. Many people do not do any sort of proper research and waste time as their house sits on the market. A good guide is to come up with an approximate value and then cut off 15-20% for the listing price. This will attract a lot of buyers who will often bid up the house above what it is actually worth.

Keep The Closets Clean: Many people want houses with a lot of storage. But empty closets can make it hard for people to actually figure out how much space there is. Take half of your items out of each closet and then take the time to neatly organize what you do have. This gives buyers an opportunity to get a sense about your closet space since they usually like to snoop around when looking inside a home.

Turn Up The Lights: Be sure to maximize the lighting in your house if you are looking to get a leg up on the selling process. Good lighting can make your house more attractive and gives buyers a better idea about what you have. Remove the drapes, clear out the windows, change all the lampshades, and then replace your lights with higher wattage bulbs to brighten everything up.

Don’t Try to Upgrade Too Much: Simple and quick fixes before selling a home usually pay off in the end. Big makeovers that cost a lot of money often do not change anything when it comes to pricing. Spend your money on painting your walls, replacing door handles, and cleaning out grout and dirt. These can pay off big time when it comes time to sell.

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Clear Out Your Stuff: Be sure to empty your house of a lot of personal items before you open it up for the market. Buyers who see a lot of personal items have a hard time imagining themselves there. Put your items in storage and hire a home stager to rearrange the remaining items.

Work On the Kitchen: A good selling secret is to focus your time and money on upgrading your kitchen. The benefits are almost endless and you will get a large chunk of your money back. Quick kitchen upgrades include painting and new cabinet hardware. Be sure to paint in a neutral color so you have a blank canvas for your buyers.

Be Ready to Show: Your home needs to be ready to show at all times. Not being prepared can hurt your prospects for a sale since you will never know when a potential buyer could walk through the door. You also need to keep the home in tip-top shape and clean at all times.

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