How to Create a Productive Home Office

How to Create a Productive Home Office

With the rise of remote workers and home-based entrepreneurs, the home office is becoming more utilized and more important than ever before. Here are a few tips to make your home office space both functional and enjoyable.

Think About Location

You may think your guest room needs to be in a prime spot in your house, but consider how often you have overnight guests versus how many hours you spend in the home office. If your home office is in a glorified closet or cramped space, you’ll be even less inclined to begin your daily grind. A poorly lit space will also negatively influence your mood. Pick a room with sufficient windows and is easily cooled or heated. You may also want to consider placing some distance between your office and the busiest parts of your home, so you can focus more easily.

Style & Function

Your home office shouldn’t feel like a bleak departure from the style of the rest of your house. Incorporate your personal tastes into the room. Forgo the bulky and metal standards of most office furniture, and try choosing a desk with character that doesn’t sacrifice storage needs. If you entertain clients, include comfortable seating that reflects the rest of your home. Don’t neglect your own seating, either. Your ergonomic office chair should probably be the item you dedicate the most money and time in selecting.

Limit the smaller décor items to a few key pieces. Your eyes should be able to rest as they travel the room. Include art that inspires you but doesn’t overwhelm, and keep an item or two in eye-line to remind you of why you do the work you do. While an office is meant for work, it should have personal touches that keep you motivated and happy throughout the day. For guidance on what to surround yourself with, try Marie Kondo’s method of choosing items that give joy.

Keep Your Home Office Organized

Maybe you tend to make piles and could benefit from a few baskets to organize your mail and paperwork. Perhaps a drawer designated for current “to-do’s” would suit you better.  As home offices tend to not be lavish on square footage, don’t neglect shelving. Not everyone requires a bulky bookshelf, though. A few floating shelves or wooden cube storage may be a more stylish alternative for your needs.

Also, make your desk a more functional space by keeping electronics neat. It’s almost impossible to make cords attractive, but they can be improved. Try a fabric cord cover for easily visible cords, and manage the cords on the floor with cord winders, tubing, or a wire organizer that’s attached to the desk and lifts the cords off the floor.

Light & Airy

Studies show that having beautiful plants in the workspace can make you more creative and calm. They also make the air you breathe cleaner. Here are a few suggestions for in-office plants that are fairly low maintenance. Just like a plant, you also need light to flourish. Make sure you have ample natural light to keep your eyes from growing fatigued, and a good desk lamp for later in the day. Utilizing natural light will also help you save money on utilities. Position screens to avoid glare, and test out your best lighting for digital meetings before you decide your final room arrangement.


Whether you have a home office or are looking for a home that provides you with one, we hope these tips help to make you feel more inspired in your personal workspace. If you are considering a big sale and/or move to make your home office dreams come true, give us a call at 949-392-6400. We’d love to help!