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In the age we live in, technology is becoming more and more important to promote messages and available products for countless industries. The real estate market is no exception. Using new technology to market home listings will make a home stand out from the crowded market and impress potential buyers by increasing their interest in a property. Digital media marketing is the new way of promoting a home for sale, and here are some of the 21st century trends for real estate marketing:

Social Media

As the Millennial generation grows older and begins wanting to settle down, more and more potential buyers can be found on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. 1 in every 2 American adults are on Facebook, and over 400 million people have accounts on Twitter. This is why, now more than ever, social media is essential for listing a home for sale and connecting with potential buyers. Using pictures and videos and taking advantage of Facebook Ads and boosted posts on the platform will catapult your listing to garner more attention for your home.

Implementing live video and video content

Facebook and Twitter both provide live video streaming capabilities, and these services catch the attention of followers* and potential home buyers who have connected with the brand or are searching for listings in the home’s area. Promoting video content increases product awareness and improves online engagement. More and more, real estate agents are utilizing* video to advertise new listings and garner interest in their client’s homes.By including a video into a listing, a home is 57% more likely to appear on the first page of a google search for that area’s real estate. A potential buyer will also spend 5X the amount of time on a listing if it includes a video tour of the property.

Drone technology

Along with regular video content, implementing drone video into the marketing strategy of a home can impress potential homebuyers and add interest to a home’s listing. Drone video is an effective way for a potential buyer to get a feel for the area surrounding a home and the property’s general landscaping, through beautiful, sweeping shots of the property. Listings marketed with a high-quality drone video create compelling images that generate more interest than traditional ground photography. Drone video will provide a competitive edge to a home’s listing and make your property stand out from the competition.


By implementing these digital media marketing trends, interest in a home will skyrocket and make a listing more visible to potential buyers. The Reed Team (link to About page) is committed to discovering new technological advances that will help promote a home and appeal to more potential buyers. Contact the Reed Team (link to Contact page) today to find out more about our marketing strategies!


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