Rafi Ghazarian

Throughout our 8 real estate transactions in the last couple of decades, never have we met a friendlier and more professional team than the Jimmy Reed team. They happen to be the masters of their trade and go above and beyond the usual measures to serve their clients ensuring that maximum value is delivered in every step of the transaction.

Jimmy understands the psychology and emotions involved in a real estate transaction and is able to perfectly balance that with the facts and forces that drive the market. Using his gifts and deep experience he leads his clients through the transaction in a gentle but informed fashion delivering maximum value for his clients. Jimmy and Katie, were always a text or a phone call away, shepherding us through the numerous complications in a house sale and purchase transaction always anticipating and clearing road-blocks before they even happened.

We are fans and champions of the Jimmy Reed Methods and are blessed to know that his team is a phone call away when needed!!!!