4 Tips For Selling Your Home

Whether it’s your very first time selling a home or you’ve done it a dozen times before, the home-selling experience can be a complicated one. There are quite a few steps to sell a home.

1. It’s Important To Time Your Sale

Timing will play a big part in selling your home fast and selling it for the price you want. Not only do you need to think about if the market is hot right now, but you also need to make sure that you have enough time to make plans and move someplace else when the home sells.

2. Preparing Your Home For Sale

A lot of factors go into preparing your home and making it sellable. Selling a home is not as easy as just putting a sign out front and waiting for people to come to you with offers! Here are a few things you need to do to prepare the home:
  • Upgrade, Repair and Replace:
    • If anything needs to be fixed, needs to be upgraded or needs to be replaced in the home, it’s better to do it now (if possible) before you put it on the market.
  • Add Some Curb Appeal:
    • The very first thing that people will see when they drive up to your home is the outside. Make sure that you make a good impression! Mow the lawn, plant the flowers, pull all the weeds up, paint the outside of the house and the garage.
  • Depersonalize The House:
    • When people come to see your house they want to imagine their things, their style, their family pictures. That means that you will need to depersonalize your home and make it a more neutral space.
  • Neutral Colors:
    • Speaking of neutral spaces, if you have some big bold colors in your rooms, think about taking it down a notch and choosing more neutral colors.
You can also think about hiring a home stager. A home stager will showcase a home that is for sale and make your home look and feel more appealing to buyers.

3. Pricing Your Home

This is a very difficult step. The biggest factor: You need to remove your emotions from this step regardless if it was your dream house or if you raised your kids in it.

Most sellers will hire a team like The Reed Team to help them come up with a home value and the price(s) they should consider selling it for. The Reed Team is very knowledgeable about local markets in Southern California, real estate economic trends, and in turn what you might want to price your offer at.

The Reed Team also has excellent resources and tools to help identify the best pricing strategies for your home, such as an expert market analysis.

4. How To Make Your Home Stand Out

According to The National Association of Realtors, over 5.35 million homes were sold in 2018. This means that you not only need to be doing the things above-mentioned but that you need to stand out in other ways.

One of the best options you can do to make sure your home stands out among the millions of other homes is to let The Reed Team do all of your marketing. Marketing would include options such as:

  • Descriptions for your listing
  • Photographs for your listing
  • Hiring a stager or recommending one to use
  • Handling where to place the listing
  • Creating a video walkthrough or a 360 view of the rooms
  • Posting signage
  • Hosting an open house
  • And more.

This way you give your home the best chance it can get to be sold, but you also don’t have to worry about the stress, the headaches and being overwhelmed by the hefty list above.

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