Selling Your Home: How To Help Your Family Adjust

Selling Your Home: How To Help Your Family Adjust

A move, whether big or small, can be stressful on a family, especially one with small children. A lot is changing with a move, and many kids struggle with the transition. Despite the upheaval, your family can still thrive in this time. They may even begin to see it as something exciting. Here are a few ways you can help your family adjust to selling your home and moving to a new one.

Recognize What They Value

When moving, bear in mind what your kids may need during the process for each unique stage. If you have very small children, they may need more attention and hugs to help them cope with all the busyness and change. Take the time to comfort them.

With preschool-aged children, their special items such as stuffed animals or bedding may be a source of comfort. Try to pack their room last and unpack it first. This can help them feel stable more quickly when shifting from one home to another. It may, also, benefit this age range to say goodbye to the various elements of your old home. Help them walk through the rooms and say thanks for all the good moments they had in each.

Elementary-aged kids may need a formal sense of closure. Allow for goodbye moments with friends and neighbors. Baking cookies and writing notes to deliver with their new address or email may help them with the change, as can scheduling future visits back to the area to see friends and family.

Talk About the Changes

Set aside time to talk with each child about the changes happening for your family. For small children keep the conversation as simple as possible. Try using an illustration from a show they like, or explaining the change with a toy that moves from one space to another but still stays with the child. Older kids may appreciate visual elements like Google maps, and if the new home isn’t too far, take them to a fun restaurant near the new community for the conversation.

In your conversations be clear about what is changing, be it their school or room setup, and what is staying the same. Try to convey excitement about the move. Enthusiasm can be contagious.

Keep to a Routine

Life can get busy and stressful during a move, and you may feel like you’re juggling bowling balls, but don’t completely give up your family routine. This isn’t only good for the kids, it’s good for the parents. Whether during the activity of packing and moving or when you move to your new home, stay faithful to the patterns that your family has created over time. This may be the amount of sleep your kids get, bedtime rituals, family outings, sports enrollment, or special dinners. If you can continue any kind of routine, do so. Your children need as much stability as you can give them during this season.

We Want to See Your Family Thrive

We on the Reed Team want to remove as much stress as possible from your life during the process of selling your home. We can make things seamless on our end by leveraging our knowledge and experience in your favor, so if you’re considering selling or buying a home, reach out to us here or contact us at 949-392-6400. Let us work hard on your behalf so you can have time and energy to spend on the things that really matter, like your family.