Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Spring is here, which means the arrival of all things fresh and new! Whether you’ve been living in your home for two years or ten, your house still deserves some sprucing up. Here are some spring cleaning tips to get you and your home back in top notch condition!


Clean out your closet

Parting with your wardrobe can be hard. Especially when you’re always convincing yourself that you swear you’ll wear that vintage sweater next season (but you never do). Do yourself and your closet a favor and clean out all the clothes you know you won’t wear anymore. After all, fashion is always changing and new pieces are always coming out. And your old clothes don’t have to go to waste! You can sell them to thrift shops or donate them to organizations accepting lightly worn clothing. It’s a win-win! This way, you can clear up space in your closet for the new clothes you’re inevitably going to get, and maybe even score some space for storage.


Scrub down kitchen appliances

Some things that often get neglected are the kitchen appliances. You probably use these things so often that it just doesn’t seem like a big deal to clean it when you’re going to use it again later. But if you think about what your stove, toaster oven, and sink go through, you’ll realize that they should be cleaned most often! Scrub your sink down with a sponge to get rid of the grime, then go over it one more time with a bleach and water solution to keep it nice and shiny. To clean the toaster oven, unplug it and dump out all the crumbs. Then, grab some steel wool, soap, and water, and scrub through that baked in grease that’s likely on the glass door. Same with the stove top — use the steel wool or a sponge and go in there with soap and water to get those oil splatters out. Once you’re done, it’ll feel like a brand new kitchen!


Clean out the refrigerator

We all love our refrigerator. It holds the things near and dear to our hearts…I mean stomachs. But you wouldn’t want to open your refrigerator to discover that old jar of mayo that expired two years ago, would you? Yuck. Maybe you were in hibernation mode for winter and hoarded food left and right, but winter is over and the time for those things to go is NOW. This spring cleaning season, take some time to go through your refrigerator and clear out items that are expired or that you know you’re not going to use. After you’re done organizing, wipe down your shelves to make sure you get rid of any lingering odors or stickiness. Finally, if you don’t already have one, make space for some baking soda to keep the air in your fridge nice and fresh!


Clean out the garage

Spring cleaning involves a lot of throwing things away and reorganizing the space after. One of the biggest spaces that often needs cleaning is the garage. If there’s no space for something inside your house, it’s so easy to just toss it in the garage to be out of sight, out of mind. But after months and maybe years of keeping all the decorations from Halloween, the holidays, Valentine’s Day, springtime, and everything else in between, it can add up. Keep what’s really necessary and throw out the things that have a little more wear and tear. If you can’t bear to part with any of your stuff, make sure you have efficient shelving to store it all!


Spruce up the yard

While other parts of your home are kept more private, your front and back yard serve as an immediate first impression of your house. For the sake of spring cleaning and in the spirit of spring, give your yards some TLC! Cut your grass and make sure you trim your rose bushes so they can grow back nice and full. If your yard is lacking florals, definitely find some in-season flowers to make your garden pop with color. And make sure you get rid of those pesky weeds if you have any growing. If you have a pool, be sure to get that cleaned and serviced in time for the hot weather that’s coming! A cut and cleaned yard is going to add that perfect touch of spring newness your house needs!

Take these spring cleaning tips and ideas and give your house the touch up it deserves! If you’re looking for more help or advice on improving your home, give us a call at The Reed Team. We can help you with all your real estate needs!