The Benefits of Listing Your Home in the Winter

The Benefits of Listing Your Home in the Winter

Thinking you missed the boat by not listing your home in the warmer months? Think again – there are plenty of benefits of listing your home in the winter!

Here are a few reasons why selling your home in the colder months of the year is great. 

Benefit #1: You Have Less Competition

The main home buying season is in the late spring and summer. This is when you see a lot of homes for sale and home buying is rampant. 

The problem is when so many people have their homes on the market, you have a lot of competition. Homebuyers have a ton of homes to choose from. 

In the winter, there are a lot fewer homes on the market. According to the NAR, the slow season is about 66% of the activity you see in peak season. You have fewer competitors, so you’ll have better odds of winning the game. 

Benefit #2: Winter Home Buyers are Motivated

Another great thing about selling your home in the winter is these buyers will be motivated! 

If someone is moving in the winter, they probably have a very good reason. Maybe they just got a new job in the area and recently moved there. Maybe their family is growing and their current home is too small, so they want to get in a bigger house to accommodate the growing family. 

Whatever the reason, it’s good news for you! Motivated buyers move quickly and won’t play games with you. And since you’re likely in the market for a new home yourself, you want the home selling process to go quickly so you can get to home buying yourself. 

Selling Your Home in the Winter Benefit #3: Agents Can Prioritize Each Buyer More

Real estate agents tend to have slower months as the weather cools down. That doesn’t mean they don’t stay busy, it just means they aren’t putting in the same kind of hours as the warmer times of the year. They’ll have fewer clients to work with during the winter. 

That’s great news for buyers because it means they’ll be a higher priority on the agent’s list. The agent will be more likely to answer the phone or quickly respond to a text because they’ll have less going on. 

While this doesn’t benefit you as much when you’re selling your house, it will be a nice benefit for when you are looking to buy your next house. 

Benefit #4: Holiday Spirit is in the Air

There are about 10 million Christmas movies posted on the internet and all of them have high ratings. They aren’t all rated highly because they’re all good. They have high ratings because they have to do with Christmas!

While it’s not true for everyone, most people love late November and the month of December. They like seeing the Christmas decorations as they drive through neighborhoods. 

This can be good for you, especially if a lot of your neighbors put up decorations. Listing your home in the wintertime gives you a chance to leverage the holiday spirit to sell your home fast!

Benefit #5: Loans May Go Faster

Once a home is under contract, the most time-consuming part of the home buying process is usually the loan underwriting piece. Yes, the home for sale will need to get inspected and appraised but those don’t take a lot of time. 

The good thing is since this isn’t the main home buying season, the loan may get processed faster in the winter. The lender will have fewer loans to underwrite, meaning they’ll get to yours sooner rather than later!


Selling your home in the winter is a great time. You have motivated buyers out there and less competition! If you have any other questions about listing in the winter – or the home buying process in general – send us a message and we’ll be in touch soon!