Tips for Unpacking in Your New Home

Tips for Unpacking in Your New Home

So you are finally in your new house, surrounded by tons of boxes, exhausted and glad that your relocation is about to end. To finish up your moving adventure, you will need to unpack your belongings and make this new place feel like home. But where do you even start?

No matter how much you would like to get it over with, there are three important things to do prior to starting the unpacking.

Clean your new house

It is easier to wipe down the shelves, wash the windows and mop the floors before your belongings are in the proper place. You should make sure your home is spotless when your items get there. If you cannot get to your new house early enough to do a  deep cleaning, you should consider hiring professional home cleaners to do the job for you.

Organize your things

Make sure to check all of the delivered boxes and household items against your inventory sheet and make sure nothing is damaged or missing. After this, you should have each of your possessions taken to the rooms where they belong. If everything was correctly marked and labeled, sorting your items will be an easy task.

Position your major furniture and appliances

Set down your large furniture pieces and bulky household appliances first. After this, you could put any smaller items you unpack later directly in their proper places. You can plan your interior design well in advance so you do not end up moving heavy pieces around multiple times.

Tackle the essentials

What matters most when unpacking your items after you move is ensuring that your necessities are immediately accessible. You should prioritize your belongings and unpack only the essentials first.


You might not be able to unpack the entire bedroom straight away, but you will definitely need at least the bed the day you move in. You should reassemble the bed frame, unpack the pillows and spread the blankets so you could get a good night’s sleep. If you have a change of clothing and some comfortable indoor shoes, the rest of your bedroom items could wait until you get the time and energy to deal with them.

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Your toiletries and medicine should top the list of the most important items to unpack after you move. You should put out toilet paper and soap, set up your toothbrush and toothpaste, hang your towels and shower curtains and unpack any other bathroom essentials you will need to wash away the exhaustion and stress of moving.

Kitchen essentials

The kitchen tends to take a very long time to unpack and organize properly due to the high number of items that need to be sorted and carefully arranged.

As soon as you have hooked up the big appliances, such as the refrigerator and stove, you should move on to your smaller items. The silverware, plates and glasses should be the first to find their places in cupboards and kitchen cabinets.

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