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Home valuations are useful for establishing a home’s worth determined by the property’s special features, location, and current market trends. Home valuations help decide the unbiased value of a home and provide relatively accurate results by comparing it to similar, recently sold properties within the area. By knowing where your home stands compared to others on the market, you can anticipate the realistic asking or buying price ahead of time and avoid confusion later.

In a market where many agents overprice homes to excite potential sellers and lock them into a contract, The Reed Team will give you a realistic estimate to avoid overpricing your home so later, the price will not have to be dropped and buyers will not wonder why the home is not selling

Receiving a home valuation is the first step in buying or selling that home. Contact Jimmy Reed to get started selling your home and simply fill out the form below with your home address for a free home valuation estimate, and discover the realistic, current value of the property of your choosing.

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