Why Joining a Real Estate Agency is a Smart Step Forward
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Why Joining a Real Estate Agency is a Smart Step Forward

You know the feeling. The new year is upon you, and you aren’t where you want to be, health-wise, relationship-wise, and career-wise. You decide to make some New Year’s Resolutions that you hope you will follow. We understand. We like this New Year’s Resolution Worksheet. So what if your main goal is to jump-start your career in real estate? At The Reed Team, we know the value of collaboration and the synergy among our agents that can help you achieve your career goals in 2018!

Why Join an Agency?

The real estate business is a tough business. In Southern California it can be very lucrative and very competitive to tackle it on your own. Joining a successful team can shorten the time of your learning curve. A good team will be open and forthcoming with helpful advice, and give you the inside scoop on the business. Also, very few buyers or sellers want to trust someone who is just getting started, and feel more comfortable if that person is connected with a well-known real estate brand, like The Reed Team.  


It’s Complicated

A successful real estate agent is working on all cylinders: managing complex personal relationships between sellers and buyers, keeping up on all the latest real estate trends, staying connected with the clients, keeping all the paperwork in order. Makes you tired just reading that sentence, doesn’t it? That’s why a real estate team can help, by providing some much-needed assistance so that you are not a one-person band trying to do it all yourself. Some people are not truly committed to their real estate careers: they take some classes, get certified to list properties, and consider it a success. But we want you to have the career of your dreams, and to make the income you desire, so we will help you get there!


Shutterstock / Olivier Le Queinec
Shutterstock / Olivier Le Queinec


Be Teachable

Maybe you’ve just ended another career and have decided to get into real estate. Maybe you’re fresh out of school and this is your first foray into the business world. Either way, it will pay off for you to be teachable and learn all aspects of the business.


  • Show Homes
  • Oversee Inspections
  • Assist Appraisers
  • Host Open Houses
  • Hang Signs


A team allows you the time to sharpen these skills under the guidance of professionals. Regardless of career choice, there are always bumps in the road where you just don’t know the answer to a question, and that’s where the mentoring is invaluable. Plus, in today’s very competitive real estate environment, the team concept allows a new agent to manage all aspects of a successful real estate environment. Think about what you need to know:


  • Great people skills in managing difficult situations
  • Self-motivation
  • Pro-active follow-up
  • Marketing and branding skills
  • Legal negotiation knowledge
  • Leading-edge understanding of social media


You can leverage the Reed Team brand name and track record that will give your clients confidence. Plus, you will have the time to find your real niche to drive leads and sales.


It’s a New Year. You’ve decided to make a change for the better and cut a new path toward an exciting career goal.  Call us and we can talk with you about making that resolution a reality!